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Adtech Moves Glue Line from China Back to the USA

HAMPTON, N.H.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, AdTech, the global innovator in hot melt adhesives and glue guns, announced resuming glue production domestically in their Hampton, NH facility.

“I am also pleased that this investment will create additional seacoast jobs.”

For over 30 years, Adhesive Technologies, Inc. has been the world leader in hot melt adhesives and glue guns for the Craft, Industrial, DIY, OEM and Export markets. In 2002, AdTech moved its glue production to China but Peter Melendy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Adhesive Technologies, Inc., has successfully moved a glue line back to the Hampton, NH plant. “Three years ago, we started looking into bringing production back to America. Now, we can be more responsive to the customer and be more flexible with customer demand. In turn, we will need a shorter lead time to fill requests. The closer you are to your customer, the better you can fill their needs.”

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TLC Craft Wars

TLC is about to turn crafting on its head. Long gone are the days where crafting solely referred to a world of quaint tea cozies and popsicle stick birdhouses. Today, there is a strong movement of crafters taking this beloved hobby and transforming it into an extreme art form. Now, for the first time ever, TLC has assembled these craft virtuosos for a knock-down, drag-out fight for supremacy. Craft Wars

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