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Egg Shell Menu Board Featured

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By Laura Bray

This rustic menu board is a great way to bring a little bit of nature into your home. Using real egg shells does make this project delicate, so be gentle with it! Of course you can also use a porcelain or even plastic eggs for the project if need something tougher. As for flowers, you can use small cuttings of real flowers or use fake. Either way, this project says Spring is here!



AdTech French Vanilla Scented Glue Sticks

AdTech Hi Temp Precision Pro Glue Gun

Unpainted, wood framed chalkboard

Craft paints

Egg shells *Designer Tip: I’ve found that organic eggs have tougher shells. Carefully break the top off a raw

egg, then rinse it well and set aside to dry.



Egg Shell Menu Board 3



Egg Shell Menu Board 4

Step One. Paint the frame of the chalkboard. I started with a base of light gray and then added a darker gray, applied with a damp paper towel, to give the frame a distressed look.

Step Two. Once the paint is dry, staple a ribbon onto the back of the chalkboard to hang it from.

Egg Shell Menu Board 5


Step Three. Use the Adtech Hi Temp Precision Pro Glue Gun and French Vanilla Scented Glue Sticks to hot

glue the egg shell onto the chalkboard.

Egg Shell Menu Board 6


Eggshell Menu Board 1

Step Four. Write out your menu or shopping list or a sweet quote on the chalkboard, fill the egg shell with

flowers, and hang!


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