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DIY Bright and Cheerful Spring Wreath Featured

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By Laura Neiman

Use up those felt scraps and add a pop of color to your front door. This bright and cheerful wreath uses the AdTech Apple Cinnamon Scented Glue Sticks for an added touch of fragrant scent.



felt flower wreath supplies

Supplies Needed:

AdTech Apple Cinnamon Scented Gluesticks

AdTech Hi Temp Precision Pro Glue Gun

Felt scraps in several colors, including green for leaves

Craft and Floral Ring, 6 inches in diameter


Wood skewer (optional)





petal shapes

Step One: Cut petal shapes from a strip of felt, approximately 1 ½ inches in length. Cut a small slit near the base of each petal and fold one edge over the other. Secure with a dot of hot glue, using a skewer to protect your fingers from the heat. This adds dimension to the petal. Continue this with all your petals until you have a whole stack.


flower base

Step Two: Cut a small circle of felt approximately 2 inches in diameter. Cut a slit near the bottom and secure with hot glue, in the same manner the petals were made. This is your flower base. Glue petals around circle.


flower center

Step Three: Roll up a small strip of felt for the flower’s center. Secure with a line of hot glue. Add center to flower with hot glue.


constructed flowers

Step Four: Use this same method of constructing petals to create leaves and more flowers for your wreath. Experiment with different sized petals and layering colors to create unique blooms.


glue flowers

Step Five: Decide how you want your flowers placed on your wreath. If desired, cover wreath with strips of felt, securing with hot glue. When you have your design in mind, secure flowers to wreath with hot glue.


felt flower wreath

Tip: Add a hanger to the back of your wreath with a felt loop.

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