0400 Adhesive Technologies High-Tempurature Full-Size Glue Gun 0400

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With 40 watts of power, this Mid Size Glue Gun features an insulated needle nozzle for precision gluing, an extra wide stable stand, a comfort grip and a 5-foot cord. This gun is ideal for all kinds of projects, including crafts, paper arts, home décor, home repair and more.

  • GET THE COVERAGE YOU NEED - Choose this high-output glue gun for large projects that have large surface areas or require more adhesion
  • FEEL THE HEAT - Take comfort in the power of this tool—and have confidence in your final bond—with this high-temperature AdTech glue gun
  • TAKE ON HEAVY-DUTY PROJECTS - Use this tool for your larger crafts and DIY, or take on more hefty projects that require bonds for glass, plastic, and metal 


  • Pair with full-size (0.44” diameter) AdTech glue sticks, such as AdTech Multi-Temp sticks
  • 5-foot cord 
  • High glue output
  • High temperature 
  • Best for projects that require more glue, or wider berths of glue