The 5-second rule

This has nothing to do with the piece of candy you just dropped on the floor, but everything to do with the success of your creative project! The amount of glue you can lay down in 5 seconds with a standard size glue gun – about a 4-inch line –  is the amount of glue that will stay hot and pliable long enough to adhere craft pieces to it. A longer line of glue that takes more than 5 seconds to lay down will start to cool, harden, and become less pliable at the start of the line, and make it more difficult to consistently adhere pieces. If your application requires laying down a lot of glue, we recommend a larger, high-temperature glue gun.

High-temp vs. low-temp: what should I use and when?

It all depends on the project and the materials you’re using. AdTech MultiTemp® Hot Glue Sticks can be used in all of our glue guns, with the exception of our Cool Tool® Ultra LoTemp glue gun which takes special Ultra LoTemp sticks. 

High-temperature glue guns are perfect for materials that require instant grab and a strong bond. They give you a longer working time so you can more easily place and move materials such as wood, fabric, florals, metal, plastics, and some polyolefins.

Low-temperature glue guns can be used on sensitive materials that may melt or distort from too much heat, such as ribbon, thin foil, or Styrofoam.  It’s the right choice when working with thin or delicate materials like burlap where high-temp glue could seep through and burn your fingers.

Temperature  Materials  Pros We Recommend
High Temperature Wood

Longer working time (open time)

Stronger adhesion

Pro 80®
Full Size
W9201 AdTech DripLess Full Size Glue Gun 1300px 300dpiAdTech
Full Size
W9202 AdTech DripLess Mini Size Glue Gun 1300px 300dpiAdTech
Mini Size
AdTech 0400 Hi Temp Gray Glue GunAdTech HiTemp
Full Size
AdTech 0442 Project Pro ProfileAdTech Project Pro®
Mini Size
AdTech 0451 Hi Temp Mini GunAdTech HiTemp
Mini Size
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Temperature  Materials  Pros We Recommend
Low Temperature

Thin Foil

Higher Viscosity

Less likely to seep through

AdTech 0453 2Temp Glue GunAdTech
Full Size
AdTech 0450 Lo Temp Mini GunAdTech
Mini Size
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Temperature  Materials  Pros We Recommend
Ultra Low Temperature

Projects for kids and the elderly

Designed to be safe for skin

AdTech Cool Tool AloneAdTech
Cool Tool®
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Why are AdTech glue runners better?

AdTech glue runners simply bond better than paste or twist-up glue sticks for specialized paper-to-paper creative projects like scrapbooking and other paper crafts with flat surfaces. AdTech glue runners provide an instant grab, and are acid-free so they won’t deteriorate photographs.

Why hot melt vs. other glues?

Hot melt is the king of the glues. It delivers consistent high-performance and it simply works.  That’s why crafters choose hot melt glue over other glues time and time again. At AdTech we’ve tested our competitors' glue on various substrates out there and the results are always the same – our hot melt glue consistently outperforms all of them. Why hot melt? Hot melt bonds much faster than other types of adhesives with the quick grab that creative crafters need when working on detailed projects. When we ask our customers what’s the one glue they can’t live without, the answer is always hot melt.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you are working with a multi-temp hot glue gun and need more time working with a hot glue application, use the high-temperature setting.
  • When you are working with a low-temp or high-temp hot melt glue gun, you can increase the working time by laying down a thicker bead of glue. This will keep the glue molten longer and give you more working time.
  • You can beat the 5-second Rule of gluing by using a larger, full-size glue gun that can lay down a larger amount of glue in 5 seconds than standard or mini glue guns.
  • If you get hot melt glue in your hair, baby oil and heat from a hair dryer in combination will soften and remove the adhesive.  Warm the glue with the hair dryer (put a cardboard barrier between the scalp and the hair if necessary), add some baby oil to the warm glue and roll between your fingers.  Repeat these steps until all the glue had been removed.  Shampoo to remove oil.
  • If you get a large amount of hot melt glue on your skin, immediately submerse affected area into cool water or ice.  Do not try to remove the glue, because doing so will pull off layers of skin, creating an open wound that will be prone to infection.  Seek medical attention.
  • If you get glue on your clothes, do not try to wipe it off while it is molten, this will only drive the glue deeper into the fibers.  Let the glue dry, and then pick off any large portions that will easily release.  Then put the garment in the freezer and let the glue freeze.  Remove the garment from the freezer and quickly start picking at the glue.  This will crack it off the surface.  Repeat this step if necessary.  After all the glue has been removed, launder as usual.