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Apple Pie Scented Card

Written by Carolina Moore
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by Carolina Moore

Have someone that is as sweet as pie? Let them know with this pie-shaped card that delivers a sweet message with a spicy smell – of apples and cinnamon!

This Apple Pie card is simple to make, and smells delicious thanks to the scented glue holding the layers together! Your sweetie-pie will love it!

supplies for apple pie card

Supplies Needed:
Brown Scrapbook Paper – two colors
Round dish
Apples & Cinnamon Scented Hot Glue
Hot Glue Gun
Black or Dark Brown Marker
Craft Knife

trace circle

Step 1. Trace the dish onto both colors of scrapbook paper.

darken circle

Step 2. On the light scrapbook paper, trace with your dark marker.

add edge and slits

Step 3. Draw a wavy line around the circle for the crust. Add 5-6 teardrop shapes as slits in the center of the pie. Don’t worry about being perfect – a handmade pie isn’t perfect, either! But it is perfectly delicious!

cut out pie

Step 4. Cut out the pie with scissors.

cut slits

Step 5. Use the craft knife to cut out the slits.

fold up side

Step 6. Fold one side in about ¾”.

cut circle

Step 7. Cut the circle from the darker scrapbook paper.

mark fold

Step 8. Place the top of the pie over the bottom, and mark the folded area.

glue on side

Step 9. Add the scented hot glue in the marked off area. Place the top on, carefully press in place.

Write inside the card

Step 10. Write your sentiment inside the card. “You’re the apple of my Pie!” “Hey there cutie pie!” “Love you sweetie pie” all work great – or think up your own pie pun. Your card is ready to be sent!


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