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DIY Floral Chopsticks for the Chinese New Year

Written by Laura Bray
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Designed By Laura Bray

I’m always looking for ways to make our family dinner time more fun and I often turn to different cultures to find inspiration. Chinese New Year is coming up on February 8 this year, so we’ll be ordering in some Chinese food and I’ll decorate our table for the occasion. I decided to dress-up some chopsticks to make the table look really fun!

By the way, these Floral Chopsticks would look great as hair accessories as well!

Floral Chopsticks B


AdTech French Vanilla Scented Glue Sticks
AdTech Hi Temp Precision Pro Glue Gun
AdTech Crafter’s Tape
Wood chopsticks
Washi Tape
Decorative Paper

Instructions to Make Floral Chopsticks
Floral Chopsticks C

Step One. Wrap the top end of the wooden chopsticks with washi tape.

Step Two. Use the AdTech Precision Pro glue gun and French Vanilla glue sticks to glue beads to the top of the chopsticks.

Make a Decorative Sleeve for the Chopsticks

Floral Chopsticks F

Step One. Cut two pieces of decorate scrapbook paper measuring 11” x 2”. Cut a corner off one of the pieces.

Floral Chopsticks E

Step Two. Use the Adtech Crafter’s Tape around the edges of the cut rectangle on the backside of the decorative paper. Do not run the glue along the top, cut edge!

Step Three: Place the cut rectangle piece over the decorative side of the uncut rectangle. Press edges together to seal glue. Add washi tape accents if desired. Slip your Floral Chopsticks inside the sleeve and place on table.Floral Chopsticks D

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