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Merry & Bright Christmas Tea Box

Written by Laura Bray
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When I go to a fancy restaurant, I love to order tea with my dessert because the waiter usually brings a lovely box, filled with teas, for me to choose from. I wanted to recreate the same feeling for some of my friends, so I will be gifting them with these lovely tea boxes. It’s a lovely way to store favorite tea bags and their guest will be very impressed when presented with their choice of teas after dinner. Although I created the box in Christmas colors, I think it could be used throughout the winter months. Of course, you can customize the theme of the box to your gift recipient’s interests as well.

Supplies Needed:
AdTech Apple Cinnamon Scented Glue Sticks
AdTech Hi Temp Precision Pro Glue Gun
AdTech Crafter’s Tape

Plain wood box-that has a hinged lid. Mine measures approximately 9” x 9” and is 2” deep
Acrylic craft paint in red
Wood embellishment
Holiday greenery
Polka dot ribbon
Decorative Scrapbook paper


Tea Box Photo 2
Step 1. Paint the wood box with red paint. Set aside to dry completely.

Tea Box Photo 3

Step 2. Cover the interior of the box with decorative scrapbook paper with the AdTech Crafter’s Tape.

Tea Box Photo 4
Step 3. Using the AdTech Hi Temp Precision Pro Glue Gun and the scented glue sticks, glue the wood embellishment onto the box. Further embellish the box by gluing on crystals and holiday greenery.

Step 4. Using the AdTech Crafter’s Tape, glue the polka dot ribbon around the side of the lid of the box.

Tea Box Photo 5

Step 5. Fill the box with your favorite tea bags and gift to your favorite friend. Maybe they’ll have you over for tea!

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