AdTech 0453 2Temp® Dual-Temperature Hot Glue Gun 0453

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PROTECT DELICATE MATERIALS - Use the low-temp option to preserve fabrics, papers, and styrofoam

LAY LONGER LINES -  Switch to the high-temp option for larger projects, and keep that glue coming steadily!

REMAIN CONFIDENT YOUR BOND WILL LAST - Pair any of our glue guns with AdTech hot melt glue sticks—the most trusted glue by DIYers across America—and expect clearer lines and a longer-lasting bond than you’ll get with any other glue

JUST GRAB AND GO - Prop up your glue gun (and limit those pesky glue drips!) with the included stand, and then just grab and go when you’re ready to glue!

  • Pair with full-size (0.44” diameter) AdTech glue sticks, such as AdTech HiTemp or MultiTemp sticks 
  • 40-watt gun with energy-conscious design (reduces energy demand once it reaches temperature!)
  • 5-foot cord
  • Best for detail work, conference/group crafting and DIY projects