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Monday, 30 November 2015 16:17

Apple Pie Scented Card

by Carolina Moore

Have someone that is as sweet as pie? Let them know with this pie-shaped card that delivers a sweet message with a spicy smell – of apples and cinnamon!

This Apple Pie card is simple to make, and smells delicious thanks to the scented glue holding the layers together! Your sweetie-pie will love it!

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Monday, 30 November 2015 16:03

DIY Fall Pennant Banner

Today we have a fun DIY Fall Pennant Banner project by Morena of Morena's Corner. Using our glitter glue sticks she makes a banner that will sparkle and shine the whole season through! Read on:

Fall Pennant Banner by Morena Hockley
I hate waiting for glue to dry, and I dislike glitter shed.  Thanks to glitter glue sticks I don't have to deal with either of those issues.  I can complete a glittery project in minutes thanks to quick setting hot glue.  This is a total instant gratification craft project!  The super fine tip on the Precision Pro glue gun made it easy to create detailed designs, too.  Keep reading to learn how quick and easy it is to create this glittery fall banner for your home.

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Monday, 09 November 2015 15:57

Sweet Scented Crayon Notebook by Carolina Moore

Today we have a fun little craft by Carolina Moore from 30 Minute Crafts. This Sweet Scented Crayon Notebook is quick and easy to make, read on!

Crayon Notebook – and it smells like Vanilla! This crayon notebook is great for quiet time – for you or your child. With pages ready for coloring, and crayons right at hand, it is perfect to keep on hand. But one more secret makes it perfect for quiet time – it has built-in soothing scents! Make your crayon notebook using vanilla scented glue to make quiet time even more relaxing!

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