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DIY Decorated Herb Pots Featured

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By Laura Bray

These decorative herb pots will bring a little sweetness to your garden. Or how about a hostess gift? One of the best reasons to use a glue gun is speed. Let’s say you are leaving for a party in about an hour and you need a hostess gift. Glue guns to the rescue! You can put together little projects like these herb pots in very little time. In fact, if you don’t want to wait for paint to dry, you could just write the names of the herbs onto the wood plaques, glue them to plain pots (or decorative ones you bought at the store), and you would be done in all of five minutes. Here’s how to do a slightly longer version, but it’s still quicker than you think!

Herb Pots 2


AdTech French Vanilla Scented Glue Sticks

AdTech Hi Temp Precision Pro Glue Gun

Terracotta pots

Small wood plaques

Acrylic paint and stencils

Herb plants


Step One. Stencil around the top edge of the terracotta pot. Set aside to dry.

Step Two. Stencil the name of the herb on the small wood plaque. The plaques I purchased were already

painted in a rustic white, but you can also buy plain, wood plaques and paint them yourself. Allow to dry.

Herb Pot 3

Step Three. Use the Adtech Hi Temp Precision Pro Glue Gun and French Vanilla Scented Glue Sticks to hot

glue the plaque onto the terracotta pot.


Step Four. Plant the herb plant into the embellished herb pot.


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