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Snow Day Activity Jar

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Snow Day Activity Jar

By Laura Bray

When I was a little girl, growing up in Ohio, I loved snow days! My sisters, brother, and I would eagerly listen to the radio as we ate our breakfast, hoping to hear our school’s closure. Now, as a mother, I am guessing my mother didn’t quite feel the same way about snow days. Four kids, housebound? Not so much fun from that side of the story! This Snow Day Activity Jar might help ease the pain for all those moms out there. It’s easy to make, and I’ve included a printable of suggested activities, that will keep your children busy and quiet. At least for a minute or two.


AdTech Christmas Tree Scented Glue Sticks

AdTech Hi Temp Precision Pro Glue Gun

AdTech Crafter’s Tape

Glass jar with lid

Acrylic craft paint in blues

Snowflake embellishments

Small wood sign

Wood discs

Snow Day Activity Printable 


Step One. Paint the jar lid and the wood discs in blues.

Snow Day Jar 2

Step Two. Once the paint is dry, use your AdTech Hi Temp Precision Pro Glue Gun, and scented glue sticks to glue a large snowflake to the top of the lid. Glue small snowflakes onto one side of the painted, wood discs.

Snow Day Jar 3

Step Three. Glue the wood sign and snowflakes to the front of the jar.

Snow Day Jar 4

Step Four. Cut out the Snow Day Jar activity circles from the printable. Using AdTech Crafter’s Tape, glue the circles onto the blank side of the wood discs. The printables have some blank circles and, before you cut them out, think about any activities you might want to add to your jar.

Snow Day Jar 5

Step Five. For best results, only bring out the jar on snow days. This will keep the ideas fresh for the kids and build up excitement about using it on snow days.



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