The AdTech Difference

AdTech products are a dynamic blend of adhesive science and application technology driven by our mission to give users at every level – industrial, create, and home improvement projects – a consistent and successful experience with our hot melt glue products.


GET PROFESSIONAL CAULKING RESULTS, THE FIRST TIME No more fumbling around with messy caulking tools. The ProTouch brand caulking system from AdTech takes the difficulty and mess of caulking a tub, showers, and bathroom tile out of your DIY home project. You’ll get the best caulking results – just like a pro. ProTouch is so compact and simple to use, all you have to do is take it out of the box, snap on the appropriate size nozzle for the job, pull the trigger, and start caulking your tub, shower, trim, or windows. Learn More Here


Our hot melt adhesive technology. Your creativity. AdTech designs a wide array of easy-to-use consumer hot melt glue guns and hot glue stick systems so you can focus more on creativity and less on managing your hot glue tools. Each of our innovative consumer hot glue systems for crafters and other creative artists are driven by our core vision to elevate the crafting experience and help you make something great. Learn more about our hot melt glue systems for crafting and creative projects from our Creative Products Division.


AdTech has market-leading expertise in hot melt adhesives, along deep knowledge and experience in developing specialty industrial adhesives. Our lab chemists analyze and assess the unique industrial adhesives requirements of our customers’ specialized applications. Then they test and formulate the most effective industrial adhesive and match it with the right hot glue gun delivery system for the highest reliability and consistency. Learn more about custom adhesive systems for specialty applications from our Industrial Products Division.

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