AdTech Milestones

In 1982, Adhesive Technologies brought two significant innovations to a receptive craft industry: a reliable, affordable hot melt glue gun and a clear glue stick. Throughout the following decades, the company focused on quality engineering of hot glue products that both increased the creative capabilities of crafters and the quality of packaging for many different industries.

  • 1984—The first electronic PTC heater trigger glue gun
  • 1986—The first professional electronic PTC glue gun
  • 1988—Our first cord-free/removable cord glue gun and base
  • 1989—The first low temp hot melt glue gun and glue stick
  • 1992—The first ultra-low temperature glue gun and glue sticks designed for children
  • 1994—The first glitter glue sticks
  • 1994—The world’s only glow-in-the-dark safety glue stick
  • 1994—The first stick-fed hot melt dipping pot
  • 1995—The first consumer palm-fed glue gun with interchangeable nozzles
  • 1995—The first machine washable and dryable glue stick for fabric
  • 1997—The first “no-strings” glue stick
  • 1999—The first instant-on glue gun
  • 2000—Our first true cordless glue gun
  • 2001 – The first consumer mini glue stick that bonds the widest range of substrates
  • 2002 – The Bond-It No-Heat Glue System for durable bonds on wide range of substrates
  • 2002 – Next generation trim-profile, ergonomic “Detailer” hot glue applicator
  • 2014 – Resumed glue production domestically in the Hampton, NH, facility