AdTech Adhesive Dots

AdTech’s Adhesive Dots solve everyday packaging problems with ease, and have become a go-to product for industrial handwork assembly projects. These discreet, clear, 1/2-inch dots are made of a pressure sensitive adhesive, and come packaged in a convenient dispenser box to make hand-application quick and easy. Our dots are available in three thickness profiles and three tack levels, depending on the user’s adhesive needs. Great for bonding a wide range of materials, including plastic, carboard, metal, vinyl, glass and paper.


  • Ideal for securing promotional or multi-pack items in place
  • Affix credit cards, business cards or samples to large mailings
  • Hold products in place while shrink wrapping or packaging
  • Great for mounting display signage and presentations
  • Secure floral arrangements, gift baskets, and other fragile materials
  • Craft projects


#5651: 1/2-inch diameter; low profile (1/64-inch); low tack, 4000 dots/roll
#5652: 1/2-inch diameter; medium profile (1/16-inch); high tack, 2000 dots/roll
#5653: 1/2-inch diameter; medium profile (1/16-inch); super high tack, 2000 dots/roll
#5654: 1/2-inch diameter; high profile (5/64-inch); super high tack, 1000 dots/roll

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