The AdTech Difference

At AdTech we focus on the glue so you can focus on your creative projects without having to worry about managing your hot glue tools. Our mission is to help you make something great – and make the hot glue gun crafts process more fun and more affordable. We do this by continually designing integrated hot melt glue and hot melt glue gun systems that are easy to use and deliver consistent, high-performance results.

Lab tested hot melt gluing systems. Designed with creative users in mind.

We understand that creative crafters are looking for the best in hot melt adhesives, glue guns and glue runners for every type of project imaginable. But at AdTech it’s not just about the glue. We’re different because we combine our experience in mechanical engineering and chemical engineering to design integrated hot melt gluing systems especially for crafters.

Every day in AdTech’s lab, our developers step into your creative shoes to understand the materials you use and what kind of hot melt glue systems will give you the best and most consistent results. We know that the photographs you place into family heirloom scrapbooks must be protected by acid-free materials, so we’ve developed acid-free AdTech glue runners for this and other hot glue gun crafts. We’ve developed low-temp glue systems for working with delicate fabrics, Styrofoam and burlap, and high-temp glue systems for quick-grab on wood, floral and plastics. Simply put, we draw upon our industry-leading lab expertise to deliver innovative gluing solutions for real-world applications.

Our hot melt adhesive systems. Your creativity. Let’s make something great together.