Our Philosophy, Mission, and Values

AdTech is more than just a manufacturer of hot melt glue sticks and hot glue guns. Our philosophy is all about our customers and elevating the gluing experience in fresh, new ways so you can do your job, create your next crafting project, or do DIY home repairs with more confidence and success. That’s why we create custom hot glue guns and hot glue stick systems with just the right adhesive strength and ease of use so that anyone – industrial workers, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts – can pick them up and use them right out of the box. So you can get to work faster, fix what’s broken, or make something new.

Our Vision: Giving everyone the ability to make something great
From the very beginning, our vision at AdTech has never been only about the glue or what’s in the bottle. Instead, we took a different path than other adhesive companies and focused on helping our customers in both industrial and consumer markets make something great using our glue and glue application systems. Our vision includes our vendors and our adhesive experts at AdTech, too, who invest their time and energy, share ideas, and work together to develop great, next-generation adhesive technologies for all of our markets – whether for industrial packaging, creative crafters, or the DIY weekend warrior.

Our Mission: Elevating the gluing experience by applying science and applicator technology.
Again, it’s not all about the glue. AdTech is different because we integrate the science of adhesives and the technology of application with the mission of elevating the gluing experience for our customers. With 185 years of combined experience in mechanical engineering and chemical engineering, AdTech provides customers with not just better and more reliable adhesives, but also new and innovative ways to solve their specific adhesive application problems. For both industrial and consumer applications, our product developers step into the customer’s shoes to understand what needs to be glued and what the desired results should be so they can create hot melt glue systems designed to help users get consistent and successful results every time. Sometimes projects may require a different or stronger adhesive, while other times they may require an improved application method – or both. At AdTech we do whatever it takes to elevate the gluing experience and find the right solution for you.

Our Values: Professionalism. Respect. Confidence. Trust.

AdTech’s core values center on fulfilling our vision and mission by:

  • Deeply understanding and responding to the core needs of our customers in all markets
  • Doing more with less: Working efficiently without sacrificing quality.
  • Being passionate about delighting customers with innovative adhesive solutions that help them achieve success
  • Acting with uncompromising honesty and professionalism in everything we do
  • Building strong relationships among employees, our vendors, and our customers in a spirit of collaboration and trust
  • Challenging ourselves to continually raise the bar of innovation in adhesive solutions