How to Use ProTouch Caulking System


No more fumbling around with messy caulking tools. The ProTouch brand caulking system from AdTech takes the difficulty and mess of caulking a tub, showers, and bathroom tile out of your DIY home project. You’ll get the best caulking results – just like a pro.

ProTouch is so compact and simple to use, all you have to do is take it out of the box, snap on the appropriate size nozzle for the job, pull the trigger, and start caulking your tub, shower, trim, or windows.

Get the perfect caulk bead using replaceable nozzles
The ProTouch caulking gun is compact and has a responsive trigger unlike standard caulk guns and squeeze tubes. You never need to cut the nozzle to the right size because ProTouch comes with replaceable tips in several sizes so you always have the right tip for the job.

Just the right amount of caulk for the job
ProTouch has just the right amount of caulk in the tube to complete a tub, shower surround, or just about the entire bathroom. Do away with standard caulking guns and having to purchase a massive tube with more caulk than you’ll ever need.

No annoying ooze like standard caulking tools
Standard caulking guns build up pressure in the caulk tube as you squeeze it – and the tube starts to ooze as soon as you release the handle. And that can make a mess when you put the caulk gun down in the middle of a project. The ProTouch caulking system uses a high-control, low-pressure delivery that won’t ooze after you release the trigger.  

Even the pros use ProTouch for clean caulk beads
It takes a lot of time and experience to learn how to use a caulk gun well – and sometimes inexperienced workers can get bad results and slow down the project. That’s why some professional construction teams use ProTouch for professional grade caulking results right out of the box.