Basic Mini High-Temp Glue Gun (#0451)

AdTech’s mission is to inspire our customers with innovative bonding solutions. Our time-tested, Basic mini glue gun is designed to do just that—from crafting projects, to home improvements and repairs.

This may be AdTech’s entry-level applicator, but this economically-priced glue gun sports our advanced 10-watt PTC heating system, and is offered in two temperature settings: The High-Temp model (shown) heats to a preset temperature of 360°F, and provides strong, fast bonds on virtually all materials, including paper, plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, fabric and glass; The Low-Temp model heats to 280°F, making it safer to use on delicate materials such as foam, lace, ribbon and synthetic fabric.

Both mini glue guns are perfect for crafts, school projects and small home repairs that don’t require high volumes of adhesive. These hand-sized models excel at detail work, and are small enough to apply glue in tight situations.

An ergonomic handle, easy-squeeze trigger, wide stand, and smooth feeding mechanism allow for effortless use with superior results. Both models feature extended, 5-foot power cords so you’ll have plenty of room to shift the gun, rather than your project. Like our complete range of hot-melt glue guns, they’re UL certified to ensure safe operation, and come with a money-back guarantee.

For best results, pair with AdTech’s premium Artistick glue sticks—an innovative adhesive formula which provides the strongest bonds, and nearly eliminates drips and strings. It’s better glue than you ever imagined!

AdTech — Family-owned and operated in New Hampshire since 1981.


  • Uses mini-size glue sticks
  • Advanced 10-watt PTC heating system
  • Smooth feeding mechanism
  • Wide fixed stand
  • Easy-squeeze trigger
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 5-foot power cord
  • Integrated safety fuse
  • UL Certified to ensure safety