0442 AdTech Project Pro­ Hi-Temp Mini Size Glue Gun

The AdTech Project Pro® hot glue gun is your go-to tool for crafting, DIY, home improvement and home decor. Take this economically-sized glue gun anywhere! With 20 watts of power, the AdTech Project Pro® Mid-Size Glue Gun features an insulated needle nozzle for precision gluing, an extra wide stable stand, a comfort grip and a 6-foot cord. This gun is ideal for all kinds of projects, including crafts, paper arts, home décor, home repair and more.

  • CREATE YOUR OWN GIFTS AND DECORATIONS – Use this economically-sized glue gun for crafting and DIY. Hot glue cures within seconds with a bond you can trust.
  • FORGET ABOUT EXCESS GLUE PEEKING AROUND YOUR EDGES – Use Project PRO for tight spots, tiny dots, and thin seams.
  • MAINTAIN STEADY CONTROL – Avoid unexpected spurts of glue with the two-finger trigger, which offers better leverage than traditional “swing” triggers.
  • SAVE POWER AND STILL BRING THE HEAT – This 20-watt gun uses less energy yet still gets melts glue sticks perfectly for a strong bond that lasts.
  • We highly recommend AdTech mini glue sticks (0.28” diameter), such as AdTech Pro Strength or AdTech Multi-Temp for use with this glue gun.
  • 20 watt heating system – detailer nozzle – 5-foot cord
  • Designed, Quality-Controlled and Engineered in the USA.