AdTech Formula 297

Formula 297 hot melt adhesive is formulated for spray application using bulk hot melt equipment. Formula 297 combines long tack time up to 10 minutes and high output for bonding larger surfaces up to 48 square feet.


The components in Formula 297 have been analyzed by a qualified toxicologist and this product is certified to be non-toxic. Additionally, Formula 297 meets FDA CFR 175.105 adhesive requirements for indirect contact with food.


Ad-Tech 297 bonds foams (includes latex foam), fabrics, wood, metals and packaging materials in many product assembly applications.


  • Softening Point:  239°F (115°C)
  • Viscosity @ 350°F (177°C):  1,600 cps.
  • Specific Gravity:  0.98
  • Shear Tensile Strength on Pine:  290 psi
  • Adhesive Tensile on Pine:  339 psi
  • Adhesive Tensile on Steel:  231 psi
  • Hardness @ 72°F (25°C):  30
  • Heat Resistance (50g):  170°F (77°C)
  • Open Time (approx.):  60 seconds
  • Thin Film Tack Time:  10 minutes


  • @280°F:  6,500 cps.
  • @320°F:  3,000 cps.
  • @350°F:  1,600 cps.


For optimal performance, Formula 297 should be applied in one of AdTech’s reliable handheld hot-melt applicators or bulk dispensing system