AdTech Formula 620

AdTech Formula 620 is the best choice for industrial packaging applications due to its attractive price and impressive 3-second compression set time. This economical hot-melt adhesive is specifically formulated for bonding paper and cardboard, where its high-output, low-viscosity characteristics offer excellent wetting and rapid set under compression. If you need a hot-melt adhesive for carton closing, Formula 620 won’t disappoint.


Carton closing, quick positioning of wooden components, cardboard, paper, and porous substrates.


The components in Formula 620 have been analyzed by a qualified toxicologist and this product is certified to be non-toxic. Additionally, Formula 620 meets FDA CFR 175.105 adhesive requirements for indirect contact with food.


  • Softening Point:  203°F (95°C)
  • Solids:  100%
  • Color:  Tan
  • Compression Set Time:  3-5 seconds
  • Open Time:  30 seconds
  • Hardness:  97
  • Heat Resistance:  160°F (71°C)
  • Shear Tensile Strength on Pine:  620 psi
  • Application Temp:  325° – 375°F


  • @ 250°F:  8,375 cps.
  • @ 300°F:  3,125 cps.
  • @ 350°F:  1,500 cps.
  • @ 400°F:  750 cps.


For optimal performance, Formula 620 should be applied in one of AdTech’s reliable handheld hot-melt applicators or bulk dispensing system.