HD 250 NV Industrial Glue Gun

AdTech’s HD 250 NV is a true standout among industrial-grade hot melt glue guns, and a go-to tool for contractors and tradesmen in many fields of work. The “NV” stands for “needle valve,” an exclusive AdTech design feature which allows the user to lay down precise, uniform glue lines, with perfect cut-offs—the days of dripping and stringing are over! This exceptional quality tool sports cushion-padded grips, an easy-squeeze trigger, and a removable wire base stand—all of which make the HD 250 NV easy to use in any environment, and allow for extended work times with superior results. The 225-watt PTC heating system allows for quick heat-up times to its preset temperature of 410°F, and the ability to dispense 3.2 pounds of glue per hour using 1/2-inch diameter glue sticks.


  • Patented needle valve nozzle
  • Uses 1/2-inch diameter glue sticks
  • Output per hour: 3.2 lbs. (60 10-inch sticks)
  • Operating temp: 410°F (210°C)
  • 225 watt PTC heating system
  • 4-minute warm-up
  • Lighted ON/OFF switch
  • Comfortable 4-finger trigger
  • Removable stand
  • 6-foot power cord
  • UL Certified to ensure safety
  • Money-back guarantee