0449 Precision PRO Hi-Temp Hot Glue Gun

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AdTech’s Precision Pro® Glue Gun is the perfect addition to your craft room! It has a “needle nozzle” for applying hot glue great accuracy and precision. The Precision Pro® Glue Gun features a fast 20-watt heater, ergonomic-design, built-in base with rubber grips, two-finger precision trigger, and fine detailer tip. This is a “high temp” glue gun that works for most projects and uses mini-size high or multi temperature glue sticks.

MAINTAIN STEADY CONTROL – Place two fingers on the precision trigger for exactly the control you need

FORGET ABOUT EXCESS GLUE PEEKING AROUND YOUR EDGES – Enjoy a nozzle that’s not too narrow to pass glue and not so wide you use too much! Use Precision PRO for tight spots, tiny dots, and thin seams, and no excess glue will squeeze out when materials are pressed together

GRAB AND GO… WITH LESS MESS! Stand your gun on its built-in base between uses, and the glue chamber will be parallel to your work surface—meaning no glue drips!

TAKE DIY TO THE NEXT LEVEL – Invest in your DIY hobby or profession with a pro-level tool that will change your work experience, clean up your end product, and expand your idea of what a glue gun can do for you!