Fine Line Liquid Glue (#05616 )

AdTech’s mission is to inspire our customers with innovative bonding solutions. Our Fine Line liquid glue is designed to do just that—allowing crafters the utmost precision in glue placement.

Fine Line liquid glue is ideal for any project requiring precise glue placement. The ultra-fine extended tip provides ultimate control of the glue flow, allowing you to apply everything from small dots to long glue lines—it’s so precise, you can even write with it.

Fine Line’s advanced adhesive formula is acid free, odorless and non-toxic. Its superior bonding properties are ideal for gluing paper, as well as a wide variety of other materials. Fine Line is the perfect choice for scrapbooking, card making, embellishing, kid’s crafts, or any creative project.

AdTech — Family-owned and operated in New Hampshire since 1981.


  • Highly heat resistant
  • Non-stick silicone
  • One size fits most fingers