Glue Runner Eraser (#05655)

AdTech’s mission is to inspire our customers with innovative bonding solutions. Our complete line of glue runners does just that, and sets a new standard for applying double-sided adhesives—making them a clear favorite for a wide variety of school, office and crafting projects.

But mistakes will certainly happen during your project, and you’ll likely put your adhesive somewhere you don’t want it. Now it’s easy to “undo-that-glue” with AdTech’s Glue Runner Eraser! This 2”x2” eraser is non-toxic and acid-free, and easily removes glue runner adhesive from paper substrates. Just rub it over the adhesive like a pencil eraser, and voila, the adhesive is gone. When the eraser loses its ability to remove adhesive, simply cut a slice off with clean scissors to expose a fresh edge.

If you’re using your glue runners for scrapbooking, photo layouts, card making and other paper crafts, our Glue Runner Eraser is a must-have.

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