Opti-Temp Premium Mini Glue Gun (#2002)

AdTech’s mission is to inspire our customers with innovative bonding solutions. Our new line of Opti-Temp™ mini glue guns does just that, combining superior ergonomics, powerful heating elements, and class-leading features—all in a system that takes temperature variables out of the equation.

Why decide between low-temp, high-temp, or dual-temp? AdTech has developed its innovative Opti-Temp™ glue guns, so you don’t have to—they’re hot enough to create strong, fast bonds, and cool enough to handle delicate materials. All Opti-Temp™ models feature our optimal-temperature exclusive heating system, and provide precision glue placement for any project, from big to small, durable to delicate. These mini glue guns create better bonds than you’ve ever experienced, all in a package that’s lighter weight and easier to use.

At the core of the Opti-Temp™ line-up is the versatile Premium model. It sports the same ergonomic handle as the Project Pro, but in a slightly more compact design. Its advanced 10-watt heating system heats up quickly, making this the perfect mini glue gun for crafts, school projects and small home repairs that don’t require high volumes of adhesive.

This hand-sized model excels at detail work, and is small enough to apply glue in tight situations. Its extended nozzle allows you to put glue exactly where you want it, while the comfortable easy-squeeze trigger provides more control over the glue flow with less squeeze effort, resulting in more precise application.

The Opti-Temp™ Premium’s compact design and sculpted, ergonomic handle allows for extended work times with superior results. Other standout features include an insulated nozzle cover, 5-foot power cord, integrated safety fuse, smooth feeding mechanism, and a “stand-less” design—allowing the fully-heated glue gun to be conveniently and safely laid on its side without the need for a heat-resistant pad. Like our complete range of hot-melt glue guns, the Opti-Temp™ Premium is UL certified to ensure safe operation, and comes with a money-back guarantee.

For best results, pair with AdTech’s premium Artistick glue sticks—an innovative adhesive formula which provides the strongest bonds, and nearly eliminates drips and strings. It’s better glue than you ever imagined!

AdTech — Family-owned and operated in New Hampshire since 1981.


  • Uses mini-size glue sticks
  • Advanced 10-watt PTC heating system
  • Extended nozzle
  • Insulated silicone nozzle cover
  • Easy-squeeze trigger
  • Smooth feeding mechanism
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Stand-less design
  • 5-foot power cord
  • Integrated safety fuse
  • UL certified to ensure safety
  • Green Engineering: Less plastic, so it’s lighter weight; Less energy, so it costs less to run—a smaller environmental footprint, in a more capable glue gun.