Precision Drip-Less Mini Glue Gun—High-Temp (#9226)

AdTech’s mission is to inspire our customers with innovative bonding solutions. Our new Drip-Less® technology does just that, and sets a new standard for hot-melt glue guns—making the high-temp Precision Mini a clear favorite among crafters and DIYers.

At the heart of the Precision Mini is AdTech’s patented multi-chamber design, which pulls excess hot glue back into the gun. This Drip-Less® system reduces dripping and stringing by up to 90%, so there’s less wasted glue, and less mess in your workspace.

While “less is more” in the drip department, this innovative mini glue gun doesn’t skimp on features. True to its name, the Precision Mini is fitted with a detailer nozzle for precise glue placement, and a 2-finger, easy-squeeze trigger for maximum flow control. Its advanced 20-watt PTC heating system puts out three times the power of a typical mini glue gun, allowing for fast heat-ups and continuous use.

The Precision Mini’s compact design makes it ideal for small projects and detail work, and its sculpted, ergonomic handle allows for extended work times with superior results. Other standout features include a removable folding stand, insulated nozzle cover, On/Off switch, power-indicator light, 5-foot power cord, and a smooth feeding mechanism. Like our complete range of hot-melt glue guns, the Precision Mini is UL certified to ensure safe operation, and comes with a money-back guarantee.

For best results, pair with AdTech’s premium Artistick glue sticks—an innovative adhesive formula which provides the strongest bonds, and nearly eliminates drips and strings. It’s better glue than you ever imagined!

AdTech — Family-owned and operated in New Hampshire since 1981.


  • Uses mini-size glue sticks
  • Advanced 20-watt PTC heating system
  • Precision nozzle tip
  • Insulated silicone nozzle cover
  • On/Off switch
  • Power-indicator light
  • Removable folding stand
  • Easy-squeeze trigger
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Smooth feeding mechanism
  • 5-foot power cord
  • Integrated safety fuse
  • UL Certified to ensure safety