Tape Glue Runner Refill— 2 Pack— Removable (#05633)

AdTech’s mission is to inspire our customers with innovative bonding solutions. Our complete line of glue runners does just that, and sets a new standard for applying double-sided adhesives—making them a clear favorite for a wide variety of school, office and crafting projects.

Our glue runners are compact and simple to use, with a unique roller applicator that’s flexible and easy to maneuver around corners and curved areas. They provide a precise, no-mess way to apply double-sided adhesive, and unlike liquid glue or glue sticks, there’s no drying time and no wrinkling. The plastic applicator fits securely in the palm of your hand, and opens on a hinge to allow for refill cassettes. Application is as easy as press, pull and lift!

AdTech’s Removable Tape Glue Runner Refill is a replacement cassette for the complete unit (#05632), and is both acid-free and safe to use on photos. The adhesive bonds instantly to paper, ribbon, foam, plastic, wood and many other materials, making it ideal for scrapbooking, photo albums and a host of crafting projects. The standout feature of this glue runner, however, is that the adhesive is repositionable, allowing the user to fix mistakes, change locations, or remove materials cleanly. Each package contains two refills which are pre-loaded with 8.75 yards of adhesive.


  • Open applicator by pushing the two tabs on the top of the applicator
  • Remove used cassette, replace with a new refill, and reclose the applicator case


  • Press applicator onto material at a 45-degree angle
  • Holding firmly down, draw applicator backwards across material surface to end
  • Lift applicator off surface in a continuous motion for a clean cut and smooth finish


  • Each package contains two refill cassettes
  • Bonds instantly
  • Removable and repositionable
  • Acid-free, non-toxic and photo-safe
  • No mess and no drying time
  • Dispenses easily and precisely
  • Apply adhesive in straight lines and around curves
  • Removable tip cap on applicator protects adhesive between uses
  • Compact and portable—take it anywhere
  • Makes projects fun, quick, easy and clean

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