Evil Eye Talisman DIY… with Glitter Glue!

Project time: 30 minutes
DIY level: Easy

This necklace is inspired by the “Evil Eye” talismans that travelers often bring back from their visits to Turkey and Greece. It’s not an Evil Eye—you’ll notice my version doesn’t have that sinister pupil in the center!—but it definitely elicits that feel. Mine’s made with glitter glue, so you know I think it’s a step up!

The cultural history of the Evil Eye is both abundant and mysterious—the idea that casting an “evil eye” has the power to cast doom and curses on a person is prevalent in countries all over the world. For centuries, people on all continents and speaking dozens of languages have believed so strongly in this idea that they have taken active measures to ward against the angry glares of others. But where this idea first caught on, no one knows for sure.

In the same way that I don’t believe that a camera can suck out my soul (a belief in some countries in Middle America), I don’t necessarily believe that a talisman, or nazar, like this one will protect my spirit from the Evil Eye—because I’m not sure that angry glares cast curses. But who am I to say? To me, it is just a fun cultural accessory that makes me think of the merchants and peddlers of Turkey and Greece.

Easy Evil Eye Talisman DIY at the Studio

Supplies I Used for This Project:

Step One:

Lay down your silicone mat and warm up your glue gun with gold glue in the chamber.

Step Two:

While the gun is warming up, stain your wooden round (if desired) by coloring in the same direction as the wood grain on both sides, as well as around the edges. (Go slowly. The stain will stain your fingers, too, if you don’t let it seep into the wood long enough!)

Step Three:

Lay gold glitter glue dots, each about half the size of a dragon’s eye, on your silicone mat. Unless you have more than one glue gun, you’ll have to keep laying dots until you use up the whole stick, as there is no other way to extricate it from the chamber. (I took advantage of the opportunity to make talismans for all my friends!) Allow the gold dots to set.

Easy DIY: Evil Eye 'Nazar' Like in Greece or Turkey

Step Four:

Put a blue glitter glue stick into the chamber. When it’s hot, lay larger dots, each about the size of a dragon’s eye, on the silicone mat. Do them one at a time, and in between, **while each dot is still hot**, press one of the smaller gold dots into the center of the blue, so that the blue glue curves up around and hugs the gold. Allow these to set.

Step Five:

Now put a white glue stick into the chamber, and when it’s hot, lay large glue dots—maybe 8 or 9 pumps of glue—onto the mat, and while they are still hot, press into them the blue dots with gold centers. Allow to set.

AdTech Glitter Glue being used a new way: While it's still hot, press solid glue or objects into it!

You can have an exotic life wherever you are.

Step Six:

Drill holes into either side of the wooden round, very close to the edge, and a little more than halfway up (this will help the talisman stay upright once you put it on as a necklace). The side you start drilling on will be the front.

Step Seven:

Use Multi-Temp glue at high temperature to fasten the Evil Eye to the center of the wooden round, making sure not to cover up the holes you’ve drilled. Allow to set.

Adhesive Technologies makes simple glitter glue nazar in their Studio

Easy DIY Statement Necklace

Step Eight:

Use pliers to attach jump rings to either side of the talisman, as well as the chain. If clasps are needed, add these as well.

Step Nine (Optional):

Layer with other necklaces for an exotic, bohemian effect!

Mark the place where you will drill holes and attach jump rings

Twist holes into wooden round for precision

Easy Statement Necklace DIY at the AdTech Studio

I don’t tan easily so I look quite fair in these photos; but if you have olive-to-dark skin, this necklace will look extra amazing on you!