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Hot Glue Gummy Bears

Hot Glue Gummy Bears

Let’s face it. GUMMY BEARS MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. I recently had the honor of designing our “Make and Takes” again at the Creativation Expo in Phoenix, Arizona. When people came to our booth and saw we were making gummy bears out of hot glue, they couldn’t wait to sit down and give it a go! Our booth […]

Nightmare Before Christmas Ring DIY

This inspiration could not have come at a more appropriate time! After getting the materials for this project, I was out with Matt and saw all kinds of Nightmare Before Christmas paraphernalia displayed in stores for Halloween. Like my last ring DIY, this piece is simple and affordable… and it ought to make you feel […]

Sleepy-Eye iPhone Case DIY

Project time: 10 minutes DIY level: (Super) Easy This might be one of my favorite projects at the Studio so far. Why? One, because the project literally takes 10 minutes once you have the supplies. Maybe 15 if you’re really meticulous. Low labor, high reward. Two, because the end product is simple, clean, and eye-catching. […]

Anthro Hat Knockoff!

Project time: 1 hour DIY level: Easy-medium I love Anthropologie. A couple times a year I splurge and get myself a sweater or dress out of their “Freshly Cut” section online. And when I get that rare treat of getting to visit one of their actual stores, you bet I’m going to walk out of […]