Hot Glue Gummy Bears

Let’s face it. GUMMY BEARS MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. I recently had the honor of designing our “Make and Takes” again at the Creativation Expo in Phoenix, Arizona. When people came to our booth and saw we were making gummy bears out of hot glue, they couldn’t wait to sit down and give it a go! Our booth […]

Hot Glue Icicle Lights

I have another original “glue as a medium” project for you all! Just like our ghost lights, you can make these festive icicle lights quickly and easily with your AdTech hot glue gun, AdTech’s clear, non-yellowing hot glue sticks, and LED lights.

Hot Glue Ghost Lights

Here’s another fun and unique craft project using hot glue as a medium. I hope you enjoy these spooky ghost lights! They are cheap and easy to make for Halloween. You can use string lights for decor, or even put little ghosts around a light-up necklace. Just make sure the lights are LED. They don’t heat […]

Swirly Twirly No-Sew Yarn Coasters

I have a collection of rings. I wish I could say that they were the type I wear on my fingers. Nope. They are on my furniture. (I have teenage boys.) TIME FOR COASTERS. Those of you that follow our blog know that I like really simple, inexpensive (cheap!) projects that just about anyone can […]

Colorful Spring Tree – featuring AdTech® Hot Glue and Crafter’s Tape

Hi Everyone! Chris here. I’ve got another easy and super-inexpensive project for you. Let’s usher in spring with this Colorful Spring Tree! I happened upon a similar project over at Everyday Mom Ideas, and was inspired to create a new version using our AdTech® Crafter’s Gift Pack (available at Amazon and other retailers, and contains our Project […]

Batik-Style T-Shirt Using a Hot Glue Stencil and Bleach Spray

Hot Glue + Bleach = Super Cute Wearables!! Something about t-shirt projects remind me of spring. I guess that’s because I live in New England, and most of us break out the short sleeves starting in March – wearing a hoodie or sweater over it most of the time. (New England weather is cray!) This […]

Book of Love Chocolate Valentines! Easy DIY

Looking for a Valentine project that’s simple to complete (even in bulk) that doesn’t require baking or buying chintzy, over-priced, mass-produced cards? Good, because we’ve got one for you! These adorable little “book of love” chocolate valentines are easy to make in any quantity. You can cut the paper pieces assembly-line style, print this book […]