3 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired by SNAPCHAT

5 Last-Minute SNAPCHAT Halloween Costumes | The Studio Blog

For the last five or six years, I’ve basically missed Halloween. I’m definitely someone who wants to Go Big or Go Home on this holiday, so when I’ve had too much going on, I’ve just, well, skipped it.

This year I realized that if I don’t find a median between “Go Big” and “Go Home,” I’m never going to get to be a part of the fun dress-up tradition again… and I LOVE Halloween and I hate to miss it! So this year, I am going simple. I’m dressing up… as SnapChat!

Now, this will really only work if I can find a few other people to dress up with me. SnapChat filters change every day, so if someone doesn’t happen to see the one I choose for my costume, it won’t make any sense. But if 3-5 of us come together as different filters, I think it will be hard not to see right away what our costume is!

Below are 3 SnapChat filters that I found were super easy to replicate (even at the last minute!), and if you and your friends want to trick-or-treat together, each of you can use a different disguise below and still go out in “group costume.” Ready?

3 Last-Minute SNAPCHAT Halloween Costumes | The Studio Blog

#1: Oh, Deer

SnapChat has offered different versions of the fawn, doe, and deer over the year I’ve been on the app—but I think anyone would quickly recognize this SnapChat filter. And of course if some people don’t, it can be just a deer, or even Bambi. 

All you need is a headband, some brown, taupe, and pink foam, glitter, and your AdTech Project Pro glue gun. This was the easiest of all the filters to recreate!


3 Last-Minute SNAPCHAT Halloween Costumes | The Studio Blog

#2: I Heart U

Another headband and wire getup, this costume could be “Valentine’s Day Incarnate” if you party solo, or it could be the love filter on SnapChat if you go out with friends who dress as other filters. Two pink felts, this stencil, some stuffing, a headband, wire, and your AdTech Precision Pro will make this costume possible in less than an hour!


3 Last-Minute SNAPCHAT Halloween Costumes | The Studio Blog

#3: Crown of Flowers

For this one, I borrowed a couple flower designs from this post. I thought the crown was perfect for the SnapChat disguise! I did make the flowers a little smaller than the blogger’s, even though on the filter they are quite large, because I thought the costume would be too ostentatious next to the other filters I recreated. In a group costume, everyone would notice the flower crown and kind-of not see every other filter.

If you’re in a hurry, I recommend maybe creating flowers this way instead, as I think the process might go a little faster. I used the AdTech LoTemp Mini to make the flowers bond fast without crinkling the paper.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your comments and see your costumes! Share with us over on Instagram and Facebook!