Super Cute Save-the-Date DIY with Removable Photos

Project Time: Depends on how many cards you want to make! Could do a few dozen in an afternoon.
DIY level: Easy-Medium

These Save-the-Date cards were inspired the day I made these “wax” seals. I loved making these seals, but I also kind-of thought, what am I ever going to send that’s so fancy it would call for wax seals? Invitations to Buckingham Palace?

Then I decided any occasion can be fancy enough for wax seals if I make it so! And although I chose Save-the-Date cards for such a project, you could apply the embossing technique outlined here to invites for any event—a surprise party, a wedding shower, a baby shower, an anniversary, you name it! You could also use it for your annual holiday card or for Valentine’s Day.

Another note: I used Jill’s Instax camera to get the shots you’ll see below of me and my man friend, Matt, but if you don’t have an Instax camera, you could order some Instagram prints or just trim down photos you took on a disposable camera. The idea is to include a memento that the receiver can peel out and stick to the fridge or put into a frame. The removable tape makes it easy!

(By the way, in case you’re wondering: Matt and I are not actually engaged—you’ll notice the “wedding date” on these cards is for 2052! He was a very good sport and agreed to be my stand-in for these pictures. What a wonderful man.)

Ready to try a super easy method to make your cards super swanky? Let’s go!

Embossed Invites or Save the Dates - Easy Project

Embossed Save the Date Cards on a Budget

DIY Save the Date Cards or Invitations with Embossed Succulent Design


Supplies needed for this project:

  • Cardstock and envelopes in the color of your choice (choose something sturdy)
  • Gold ink pad
  • “You’re Invited!” or “Save the Date!” stamp (I ordered a design I liked from Paper Sushi – I LOVE this shop!)
  • Gold embossing powder
  • Handheld embossing heat tool (available at Michael’s or on Amazon)
  • Gold gel pen
  • AdTech Temporary Glue Runner (you can get a single at Walmart, but the bulk buy is cheaper!)
  • Instax camera (or just some small photo prints)
  • The items from the wax seal blog post, if you want to pair these two things together

Step One:

***Read this step fully, because it’s actually several steps but they have to happen fast!

Press your “Save the Date” or other invite stamp into the ink pad, press onto card stock, lift, and swiftly, before the pattern dries on the card, pour embossing powder over the wet ink.

Easy and Cheap Invitations or Save the Date Cards | Adhesive Technologies

Alexis the Greek makes Save the Date cards at the Studio

Step Two:

Remove excess embossing powder by dumping it onto another piece of cardstock or paper, and then funneling it back into the powder container (waste not, want not!).

Step Three:

Repeat the above two steps with each succulent stamp (or other embellishment stamp).

Embossed Invitations or Save the Date Cards

In the Studio at AdTech

Step Four:

Use your handheld embosser to melt the embossing powder into a shiny finish. To do this, turn on the embosser, and hover 2-3 inches away from the paper until all the power has melted. There should be no dark spots.

Step Five:

Customize any information that can’t be stamped onto the invite by writing it out in gold gel pen. Be sure to leave room to attach photos!

Save the Date Cards with Adhesive Technologies

Succulent Embellished Save the Date Cards

Step Six:

Use your Temporary Glue Runner to add a Post-It like effect to the back of the photo you plan to attach, then center it in the space you left for it on the card.

Step Seven:

Now all that’s left to do is seal, address, and send! And if you want to make the cards extra swanky, add these wax seals for a perfect finish.

Embossed Save the Date cards

AdTech Save the Date Cards with Alexis the Greek