Easiest “Wax” Seals EVER

Project time: Varies based on how many you want to make; one seal takes less than 1 minute!
DIY level: Easy-Medium

I actually saw that someone else had done this and posted about it in an Amazon review, and I had to try it for myself. It took a couple tries to figure out the best way to do it, but once I did, I was surprised at how simple these “wax” seals were. All the perks of a fancy wax seal without the flame!

The trick, believe it or not, is simply to press the seal into ink before pressing it into the hot glue. Then, in just a few seconds, it peels away as easily as a sticker!

I have a few ideas for how to use these. Coming soon in another post, perhaps?

Make your invitations fancy with these faux wax seals!

Supplies I used for this project:

**There are a variety of gold ink pads out there. Pick one that is a hue you really like, because it will affect the color of your final seal, even though most of the seal is the glitter glue itself. Also, I specify ColorBox because in my experience, they have the longest-lasting ink pads, in the vividest colors, with the most even dispersal of color. Not an affiliate, just a really big fan!

Step one:

Warm up your HiTemp Mini with a gold glitter stick in it. Since this is literally the easiest glue gun project in the world, you don’t need a fancy glue gun. Plus the size of this tool puts you really close to the nozzle, so it’s easier to control how round your glue dot will be.

Step two:

Pump glue 5-6 times onto your silicone mat, taking care to form a pretty nice round. (With a HiTemp, the glue will settle pretty quickly into a fairly round shape. This might be harder if you opt to use the LoTemp.)

How to Make Your Own Wax Seals

We actually have an entire tabletop here in the Studio that resists glue, so that’s why you don’t see a silicone mat in this shot!

Step three:

While the glue is still hot, press your seal into your ink pad, then press the inked seal into the center of the glitter glue you’ve pumped onto the silicone mat. Allow to sit 4-5 seconds.

Step four:

Peel the seal away, and then repeat until you have as many seals as you want.

How to make your own wax seals

How to Make Your Own Wax Seals

Step five:

Replace the glitter glue in your HiTemp Mini with AdTech’s Multi-Temp Mini Glue sticks. Use a small dot of this glue to adhere your “seals” to the envelopes of your invitations, newsletters, or announcements.

And you’re done! Is that not the easiest project, or what?

Make your invitations fancy with these easy faux wax seals!