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Are you ready for a #Giveaway?

December is here, and the countdown to the holidays has begun! In the spirit of the season, we are ready to hook 3 lucky people up with themed stockings, worth over $100 each. ???

These 3 stockings, which we will be giving away over the next 3 weeks, are full to the cuff with awesome products not only from AdTech, but also from Fiskars, Singer, Etsy shops, and more.

Each stocking has a different kind of creative person in mind – which we will reveal each week! So if you are a creative person who would LOVE to win a big pile of some of the best DIY tools around, or you know someone else who would, READ ON!

Seamstress Stocking Giveaway! | The Studio Blog

Seamstress Stocking GIVEAWAY! | The Studio Blog

Kicking off the giveaway is the “Seamstress’s Dream” stocking. The lucky winner of this stocking will receive:

  • A special-edition gold-toned LoTemp glue gun from AdTech (with glue sticks!) – perfect for small decorative fabric projects
  • A box full of close to 500 buttons, all different sizes and colors
  • A Fiskars fabric ruler
  • Fiskars fabric scissors
  • A Fiskars rotary fabric cutter
  • Embroidery thread in more than 35 colors – earth tones, jewel tones, pastels, and more
  • Decorative floral and leafy sewing pins
  • A super cute seamstress-themed pin cushion
  • A Singer pink retractable measuring tape
  • Singer needles in a variety of sizes
  • A soft thimble
  • A seam ripper kit
  • A seamstress-themed mug from Foxy Mug

All of it comes packaged in an adorable seamstress-themed stocking from Kaiti B Boutique!

This giveaway is SO EASY to enter. See the images below in this post for complete details. There are several ways to enter, so increase your chances and try all of them! There is no limit to how many entries you may submit. Ready? GO!

*The announcement of the winner of the Seamstress’s Dream stocking will take place on Friday, December 8, 2017 and all eligible parties may enter up until 8 a.m. EST that day!

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Seamstress Stocking GIVEAWAY! | The Studio Blog

Seamstress Stocking Giveaway! | The Studio Blog

Seamstress Stocking GIVEAWAY! | The Studio Blog