Hot Glue Gummy Bears

Let’s face it. GUMMY BEARS MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. I recently had the honor of designing our “Make and Takes” again at the Creativation Expo in Phoenix, Arizona. When people came to our booth and saw we were making gummy bears out of hot glue, they couldn’t wait to sit down and give it a go! Our booth […]

Hot Glue Icicle Lights

I have another original “glue as a medium” project for you all! Just like our ghost lights, you can make these festive icicle lights quickly and easily with your AdTech hot glue gun, AdTech’s clear, non-yellowing hot glue sticks, and LED lights.

Hot Glue Ghost Lights

Here’s another fun and unique craft project using hot glue as a medium. I hope you enjoy these spooky ghost lights! They are cheap and easy to make for Halloween. You can use string lights for decor, or even put little ghosts around a light-up necklace. Just make sure the lights are LED. They don’t heat […]

One Last-Minute Giftwrap Trick for a Trés Chic Look

Less than a week until Christmas! Are your gifts wrapped? Mine haven’t even all arrived yet… I’ll probably be doing half my wrapping on Christmas Eve. Luckily I’ve had some experience making even last-second wrapping—once or twice using leftover papers I rummaged out of the closet!—look like I planned way ahead. Here is one trick […]

Last Giveaway in December!

Guys, we are officially ten days away from Christmas! Have you gotten all your shopping done yet? I confess… I have not. (And thank heavens for Amazon Prime because I am down to the wire and I have a very large family!) If you haven’t gotten all your shopping done yet, you might be excited […]


Time for another #giveaway! Congrats to the winner of our first giveaway, Kayna! She’s a Rodan and Fields rep who has been hustling all year, and we are excited that she got our Seamstress’s Dream stocking as a little something for herself. She deserves it! Our next giveaway is the Scrapbooker’s Delight stocking. This one […]

Advent Wreath Inspired Centerpiece DIY

Heat up some eggnog, put on the Bing Crosby, and get out your cinnamon-scented candles, because this project is festive! All right, Matt hasn’t celebrated Christmas in several years. I am determined to make this one extra special to make up for what he’s missed. That includes baking sugar cookies for his co-workers, buying us […]


Are you ready for a #Giveaway? December is here, and the countdown to the holidays has begun! In the spirit of the season, we are ready to hook 3 lucky people up with themed stockings, worth over $100 each. ??? These 3 stockings, which we will be giving away over the next 3 weeks, are full to […]

Easy, Fancy Holiday Gift Tags

If you’re anything like me, you start playing Christmas music the second that giant Thanksgiving meal has settled. (You might even start your holiday shopping in September…) So now that Thanksgiving is over and the leftovers are finding creative uses, I’m thinking about ways to make the next holiday super festive. One of the ways […]

5 HALLOWEEN Pins We Tried… and Our Results!

Our last “5 Pins We Tried” list was a big hit, so this month we are doing it again… Halloween style! I spent an hour or so on Pinterest, looking at my own Halloween board and then also perusing the most popular Halloween pins overall. These 5 seemed like they might be deceptively simple, so […]