Super Cute Save-the-Date DIY with Removable Photos

Super Cute Save-the-Date DIY with Removable Photos

Project Time: Depends on how many cards you want to make! Could do a few dozen in an afternoon. DIY level: Easy-Medium These Save-the-Date cards were inspired the day I made these “wax” seals. I loved making these seals, but I also kind-of thought, what am I ever going to send that’s so fancy it […]

Anthro Hat Knockoff!

Project time: 1 hour DIY level: Easy-medium I love Anthropologie. A couple times a year I splurge and get myself a sweater or dress out of their “Freshly Cut” section online. And when I get that rare treat of getting to visit one of their actual stores, you bet I’m going to walk out of […]

Easy Statement Wood Rings

Project Time: 2 hours or less DIY Level: Easy-Medium Call me picky, but I have the hardest time finding decent rings. I always see rings I like on other people, but when I ask, “Hey, where did you get that?” the answer is always something impossible to replicate—“Oh, it’s an heirloom ring! It was my […]